reCIRCLE reusable container system

Take-away without waste!

We are a proud partner of reCIRCLE – the Swiss industry solution for reusable packaging in take-away catering. You can buy reCIRCLE boxes from us, refill them, replace damaged components or return the boxes.

In Switzerland, many take-away meals are ordered or delivered every day. Large quantities of waste are generated by disposable packaging. reCIRCLE puts an end to this! The Swiss made boxes can be used again and again.

How reCIRCLE works

  1. When you order, please instruct us to use reCIRCLE containers (activate Checkbox).
  2. We prepare your order in reCIRCLE boxes. As usual, we use separate containers for each dish. The number of boxes will therefore vary depending on the quantity and composition of your order.
  3. You pick up your order from us. In addition to the total price of your order, a deposit fee of 10 CHF for each reCIRCLE box is added.
  4. You can either reuse the empty reCIRCLE boxes for yourself or bring them back to us. You will then receive a full refund of the deposit fee. Damaged boxes can also be returned. But please note: only complete boxes (base AND lid) will be refunded!

reCIRCLE boxes help to reduce the amount of waste and save valuable resources. This also ensures a peacefull mind for you. And that makes our food taste even better – we promise ;)

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